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Monday, September 12, 2005

White Stork, Gunthorpe Road, Newborough

Present from 27 August to 20 September 2005 at least.

© Kevin Du Rose

© Steve Dudley

© Mike Weedon

© Brian Stone

This is the second well-watched White Stork in the PBC area in recent years. The previous one was “Marge”, a well-travelled individual with distinctive black and white barring in the wing and missing wing feathers that made it easy to track across the country. It had been in Essex and then spent a long time at Cottenham Long Drove in Cambridgeshire before turning up on the Nene Washes where it stayed for most of April 2003. It then returned to Cottenham and was found dead there in early January 2004.

Prior to that one was seen by an extremely lucky birdrace team flying towards Peterborough along the Nene Washes on 11 May 2002, one circled over Alwalton on 23 Apr 1998 before heading off north and there was one on the Nene Washes in 1996 wearing a metal ring, which was no doubt an escape from captivity. There have also been a couple of other reports recently from non-birders that couldn’t be checked, at Stilton (17 Dec 2003) and Deeping Gate (16 Jul 2005).

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