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Friday, December 29, 2006

Swans on Deeping Highbank

Bewick's Swan (left) and Whooper Swan (right) © Will Bowell
From the above photos, note just the black and yellow bill of a Bewick's Swan, whilst Whooper Swans display a yellow and black bill. Whooper Swans are our largest Swan at maximum length, with straight necked profile, with Bewick's Swans being our smallest and more goose like. Also note the different shapes of head, with Bewick's having a more wedged like head shape. Mute Swans & Whooper Swan (right) © Will Bowell Whooper Swans © Will Bowell
Bewick's Swan © Will Bowell
The group of Whooper Swans at Deeping Highbank that have been present with Mute Swans have increased to 16. A single Bewick's Swan is also in the herd. They were flushed from feeding in a field south of the river at dusk today and landed on the river, allowing for close views.

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